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1. Ben Freed's newest CD, for 2011: 

American Idle  

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Review in Banjo Newsletter.pdf..."in short, Ben is the real deal"

NY Post Jan 11, 2011: 3 1/2 STARS Banjo player Ben Freed, one of the top players on the New York bluegrass circuit, has always put out good recordings, but "American Idle" is not only a terrific collection of original instrumental string-band music, his production values are high throughout. The sound of Freed working with a full bluegrass band is crisply recorded, and his picking is flawless as he rambles from dark, jazzy melodies like "Ghost Dance" to playful banjo riffage on "Foggy Mountain Shakedown." In many ways, Freed is rivaling the contemporary masters of the banjo (such as Bela Fleck) with fresh music that has an old-time quality.

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Listen to two cuts


American Idle Hornpipe.mp3

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2.   Banjopolis (2007)                

listen to selected tracks:
1. Banjopolis(2:57) Rushad Eggleston, Jim Whitney, Ben
3. Beat The Clock(2:14) Kevin Lynch, KennyKosek, Ethan Kende, Ben
5. Big Apple Waltz(2:44) Mark Murphy, Ben
8. Lowdown Hoedown(3:57) Rushad, Jim, Ben
10. Spuyten Duyvil Hornpipe(3:20) Rushad and Ben duet

All songs composed and arranged by Ben Freed.  Other players include Mike Sassano, Barry Mitterhoff and Jon Sholle 

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reviews for Banjopolis:

"Banjopolis is excellent. Ben's the most underrated banjo player going. He writes very interesting, catchy, and accessible tunes. Interesting/accessible is a great combination....(he)makes some of the most tuneful, engaging banjo music on record. Virtuosic yes, and a lot more.”... Pete Wernick

"Ben Freed is obviously a very gifted musician who seizes every opportunity to stretch the perceived limitations of a once humble instrument. His chordal and harmonic explorations go beyond the ordinary. Imagine Dawg music played on a banjo. Yeah, that's it-gypsy jazz and a whole lot more. This CD is recommended to all of you who want something more from a banjo." Bluegrass Unlimited

"Ben’s approach is fresh and modern, but still easily accessable to the listener who appreciates traditional straight ahead picking. It’s all quite musical and thoroughly enjoyable. If you are at all interested in hearing good new banjo music from a great player who has surrounded himself with an all star cast of players- add this cd to your collection and give it a spin"....Mike Kropp


3. Banjo CD from 2003.."Suite for Bluegrass Banjo"...  

"One of the best banjo records, ever."...Pete Wernick

listen to "Unhinged"  from Suite for Bluegrass Banjo

listen to "Road Hog"  from Suite for Bluegrass Banjo

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Reviews for "Suite for Bluegrass Banjo":

"Ben Freed¹s second release, 'Suite for Bluegrass Banjo,' is a classy instrumental banjo record that should appeal to pickers of all stripes and styles...." Banjo Newletter

"Beginning to end, this is a fine collection of some very creative, inventive music. Ben Freed is as good as they come anywhere composing, arranging, and performing in a variety of styles on banjo, Dobro, pedal steel, and bass. "Bluegrass Now"

"This is an absolutely grand banjo CD. I can't imagine any banjo player not learning something from it, and can't imagine any fan of bluegrass not enjoying it. Ben Freed is a gem, and I only hope that this modestly packaged but splendid CD will find the audience it richly deserves."   ...From Chet Williamson 

"With unflagging creativity and flawless timing, Ben Freed's stewardship of a new millennial New York bluegrass sound is steady-as-she-goes while perforating boundaries....Ben's vision makes this a banjo album for the ages...."-Tony Trischka



4. "Speed of Sound" cd, released in 2000:

listen to the title cut...Speed of Sound.mp3

and another cut....Labor of Love.mp3

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praise for speed of sound.....

Virtuoso, creative banjo playing!"... Elderly Music Catalog

3 1/2 Stars ......Ben Freed, a fixture on the Metro pickers scene, has committed his finest fretwork to a CD that's long on virtuosity and features the genre's necessary velocity - as the disc's title implies. New York Post, Jan 2, 2001

 "Speed of Sound is an impressive debut, featuring ten original instrumentals that are distinctive, well arranged, and well performed... I was caught by the fresh, lyrical quality of Ben's tunes..." The Banjo Newletter.

“Speed Of Sound”  As the title implies, Speed Of Sound flies along, unbound, from the onset with the title cut on through to the tenth and final track, "Pipe's Cove." With a winning lineup of supporting musicians, Ben Freed gives us an album of original instrumentals. Point of reference: it's Freed you hear playing banjo on the Coen Brothers' Raising Arizona soundtrack. His creative style is refreshing, different and demonstrates thoughtful depth in the complexity of the compositions as well as with the full‑fledged arrangements"...Sing Out, Winter 2002, Vol 45 #4

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