Banjoben's Personal Tab Collection: 100 Essential Bluegrass Banjo Solos

(Not for Beginners!)

Here are the 100+ bluegrass banjo solos, now all online, in both the MP3s and the PDF files for you to download directly from this page.

The left hand column is the Mp3 audio, in stereo, and the right-hand column is the PDF file. The banjo on the mp3 is playing the exact arrangement of the tab.


  1. Alabama Jubillee.mp3                            Alabama Jubilee.pdf

  2. Angeline the Baker .mp3                        Angeline the Baker.pdf  

  3. Amazing Grace.mp3                                Amazing Grace.pdf

  4. American Idle Hornpipe.mp3                American Idle Hornpipe.pdf

  5. Arab Bounce .mp3                                  Arab Bounce.pdf

  6. Arkansas Traveler.mp3                          Arkansas Traveler.pdf

  7. Auld Lang Syne.mp3                              Auld Lang Syn.pdf

  8. Back Up and Push .mp3                        Back Up and Push.pdf  

  9. Beaumont Rag.mp3                                Beaumont Rag.pdf 

  10. Big Sandy River.mp3                              Big Sandy River.pdf

  11. Big Sciota.mp3                                         Big Sciota.pdf

  12. Bill Cheatam.mp3                                     Bill Cheatham.pdf

  13. Billy in the Lowground.mp3                  Billy In The Lowground.pdf

  14. Blackjack.mp3                                           Blackjack.pdf

  15. Black Mountain Rag.mp3                       Black Mt. Rag.pdf

  16. Blackberry Blossom.mp3                       Blackberry Blossom.pdf

  17. Bugle Call Rag.mp3                                 Bugle Call Rag.pdf

  18. Blue Night .mp3                                        Blue Night.pdf

  19. Blue Ridge Cabin Home.mp3                Blueridge Cabin Home.pdf

  20. Boil Them Cabbage Down.mp3            Boil Them Cabbage Down.pdf 

  21. Cherokee Shuffle.mp3                            Cherokee Shuffle.pdf

  22. Clinch Mountain Backstep.mp3            Clinch Mountain Backstep.pdf

  23. Crazy Creek.mp3                                      Crazy Creek.pdf

  24. Cripple Creek.mp3                                    CrippleCreek.pdf

  25. Cumberland Gap.mp3                              Cumberland Gap.pdf

  26. Dark Hollow.mp3                                       Dark Hollow.pdf

  27. Dear Old Dixie.mp3                                   Dear Old dixie.pdf

  28. Devil's Dream.mp3                                    Devils Dream.pdf

  29. Dixie Breakdown.mp3                              Dixie Breakdown.pdf

  30. Dixie Hoedown.mp3                                  Dixie Hoedown.pdf

  31. Down Yonder.mp3                                     Down Yonder.pdf

  32. East Virginia Blues.mp3                           East Virginia Blues.pdf

  33. Farewell Blues.mp3                                   Farewell Blues.pdf

  34. Fireball Mail.mp3                                         Fireball Mail.pdf 

  35.  Fire on the Mountain.mp3                       Fire on the Mountain.pdf

  36.  Fisher's Hornpipe.mp3                            Fisher's Hornpipe.pdf

  37. Flop Eared Mule.mp3                                Flop Eared Mule.pdf 

  38. Forked Deer.mp3                                       Forked Deer.pdf

  39. Goodbye Liza Jane.mp3                          Goodbye Liza Jane.pdf

  40. Gold Rush.mp3                                          Gold Rush.pdf

  41. Grandfathers Clock.mp3                          Grandfather's Clock.pdf

  42. Grey Eagle.mp3                                          Grey Eagle.pdf

  43. Handsome Molly.mp3                                Handsome Molly.pdf

  44. Home Sweet Home.mp3                           Home Sweet Home.pdf

  45. How Mountain Girls Can Love.mp3       How Mountain Girls Can Love.pdf

  46. I Saw the Light.mp3                                    I Saw the Light.pdf

  47. John Hardy.mp3                                         John Hardy.pdf

  48. John Henry, C tuning.mp3                       John Henry (C tuning).pdf

  49. John Henry, G tuning.mp3                       John Henry (G tuning).pdf

  50. June Apple.mp3                                          June Apple.pdf

  51. Katy Hill.mp3                                                Katy Hill.pdf

  52. Leather Britches.mp3                                Leather Britches.pdf

  53. Lime Rock.mp3                                           Lime Rock.pdf

  54. Limehouse Blues.mp3                              Limehouse Blues.pdf

  55. Little Cabin Home.mp3                              Little Cabin Home on the Hill.pdf

  56. Little Maggie.mp3                                        Little Maggie.pdf

  57. Lonesome Road Blues.mp3                     Lonesome Road Blues.pdf

  58. Long Journey Home.mp3                         Long Journey Home/Two Dollar Bill).pdf

  59. Monroe's Hornpipe.mp3                            Monroes Hornpipe.pdf

  60. Molly and Tenbrooks.mp3                        Molly and Tenbrooks.pdf

  61. Nashville Skyline Rag.mp3                       Nashville Skyline Rag.pdf

  62. New River Train.mp3                                  New River Train.pdf

  63. Nine Pound Hammer.mp3                         Nine Pound Hammer.pdf

  64. Old Home Place.mp3                                  Old Home Place.pdf

  65. Old Joe Clark.mp3                                       Old Joe Clark.pdf

  66. Over the Waterfall.mp3                               Over the Waterfall.pdf        

  67. Ragtime Annie.mp3                                     Ragtime Annie.pdf

  68. Red Haired Boy.mp3                                   Red Haired Boy.pdf

  69. Red River Valley.mp3                                  Red River Valley.pdf

  70. Red Wing.mp3                                               Redwing.pdf

  71. Reuben's Train.mp3                                     reuben.pdf

  72. Remmington Ride.mp3                               Remmington Ride.pdf

  73. Road to Columbus.mp3                              Road to Columbus.pdf

  74. Roanoke.mp3                                                Roanoke.pdf

  75. Rocky Top.mp3                                            Rocky Top.pdf

  76. Roll In My Sweet Babys.mp3                     Roll In My Sweet Babys Arms.pdf

  77. Sailor's Hornpipe.mp3                                Sailors Hornpipe.pdf

  78. Sally Ann(Scruggs version).mp3             Sally Anne, Scruggs style.pdf

  79. Sally Ann, alternate version.mp3             Sally Ann.pdf

  80.  Sally Goodin.mp3                                       Sally Goodin.pdf

  81. Salt Creek.mp3                                             Salt Creek.pdf

  82. Salty Dog Blues.mp3                                  Salty Dog Blues.pdf

  83.  Shady Grove.mp3                                       Shady Grove.pdf 

  84. Shenandoah Breakdown.mp3                 Shenandoah Breakdown.pdf        

  85. Sitting on Top of the World.mp3              Sitting on top of the world.pdf

  86. Sled Ridin'.mp3                                            Sled Ridin'.pdf

  87. Soldier's Joy.mp3                                        Soldiers Joy.pdf

  88. St. Anne's Reel.mp3                                   St Annes Reel.pdf

  89. Staten Island Hornpipe.mp3                    Staten Island Hornpipe.pdf

  90. Sweet Dixie.mp3                                          Sweet Dixie.pdf

  91. Sweet Georgia Brown.mp3                       Sweet Georgia Brown.pdf

  92. Take Me in Your Lifeboat.mp3                  Take Me in Your Lifeboat.pdf

  93. Temperence Reel.mp3                                Temperance Reel.pdf                

  94. Theme Time.mp3                                          Theme Time.pdf

  95. This Land Is Your Land.mp3                     This Land is Your Land.pdf

  96. Turkey in the Straw.mp3                            Turkey in the Straw.pdf

  97. Wheel Hoss.mp3                                         Wheel Hoss.pdf

  98. When the Saints Go Marching In.mp3    When the Saints Go Marching In.pdf

  99. Whiskey Before Breakfast .mp3             Whisky Before Breakfast.pdf

  100. Will the Circle be Unbroken.mp3            Will the Circle be Unbroken.pdf

  101. Worried Man Blues Stereo.mp3              Worried Man Blues.pdf

  102. Wreck of the Old 97.mp3                          Wreck of the Old 97.pdf

  103. You Are My Sunshine.mp3                      You Are My Sunshine.pdf


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