Hot Licks for Advanced Players

 Licks, Backup and Picking Secrets for intermediate and 

advanced Bluegrass Banjo Players

(not for beginners!)

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Reading the tab, as usual:  The numbers in circles above the tab are the left hand fingers, and the letters below the tab are the right hand fingers(thumb, index and middle). The tabs are in file-type  .pdf 


Listen to the MP3s...                      and  view the tab in .PDF


Runs in the key of G, in open position

hot lick 1.mp3                                hot Lick 1.pdf

hot lick 2.mp3                                hot Lick 2.pdf             

hot lick 3.mp3                                hot Lick 3.pdf   

hot lick 4.mp3                                 hot Lick 4.pdf

hot lick 5.mp3                                 hot Lick 5.pdf

hot lick 6.mp3                                 hot Lick 6.pdf

hot lick 7.mp3                                 hot lick 7.pdf

hot lick 8.mp3                                 hot lick 8.pdf

          hot lick 9.mp3                                 hot lick 9.pdf

          hot lick 10.mp3                               hot lick 10.pdf


              Choking in G, half-way up the neck :

          hot lick11.mp3                           hot lick 11.pdf 


             Bluesy runs down from the twelfth fret

          hot lick 12.mp3                                 hot lick 12.pdf   

          hot lick 13.mp3                                hot  lick 13.pdf     


               Two-note chord ascending scales  in G:

          hot lick 14.mp3                                hot lick 14.pdf

          hot lick 15.mp3                                hot lick 15.pdf     


                More choking(bending) the strings, halfway up the neck in G:

           hot lick 16.mp3                                hot lick 16.pdf


                  Transitions from a G chord to a C chord:

           hot lick 17.mp3                                hot lick 17.pdf 


                   Back up lick in G, up the neck

           hot lick 18.mp3                                  hot lick 18.pdf


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