1. for beginners..    LEARN BLUEGRASS BANJO 

  2. for intermediate players:  IMPROVE YOUR PLAYING 

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Ben's Personal Tab Collection::One Hundred Essential Bluegrass Banjo Solos    not for beginners)

beginners READ HERE: (FIRST, allow me to give you some advice about teaching yourself: Some people who are very musically inclined can learn to play a musical instrument on their own, without a real teacher, using instructional materials such as what you will find here. But!  I strongly  recommend that all students get a real teacher to monitor and correct any bad musical habits that the student may be developing. Bad technique due to teaching yourself is almost impossible to unlearn. The best advice is to read through instructional materials such as this on your own, as you begin, to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts and then find a real teacher as soon as possible. Weekly lessons are not always needed. You may do well with a visit to a good teacher just once every few weeks in the beginning.  Click here for an international list of BLUEGRASS BANJO teachers

  1. Buying your first bluegrass banjo

  2. Tuning the banjo

  3. Posture and the right and left hands when picking banjo

  4. How to use the fingerpicks   

  5. How to read tablature

  6. Suggestions for Beginners

  7. Special left hand movements: sliding, pushing-off and hammering

  8. Now let's learn to play Cripple Creek!!

  9. Watch a VIDEO of me giving an overview of how to play Cripple Creek on YOUTUBE

  10. Words of advice about practicing  

  11. Timing

  12. Ben's videos on line to learn bluegrass banjo

  13. Watch videos of my students play the banjo

  14. Find a bluegrass banjo teacher in your area: an international list of teachers

intermediate players READ HERE:

  1. Article: the basics of bluegrass banjo set-up

  2. Maintaining Banjo Strings and Picks 

  3. Recommended classic bluegrass banjo recordings

  4. Transitioning to the next level on bluegrass banjo: moving beyond the beginner level

  5. International list of bluegrass banjo teachers

  6. bluegrass banjo hot licks for intermediate and advanced player

  7. Tips for intermediate bluegrass banjo players

  8. Ben's Personal Tab Collection::One Hundred Essential Bluegrass Banjo Solos    not for beginners)

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